DUI Arrests, Southbay, Los Angeles

Southbay Superior Court in Torrance covers cases resulting from DUI arrests in the Southbay Beach Cities including:

  • Torrance
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Palos Verdes

These areas each have their own City Prosecutors to prosecute misdemeanor offenses committed in their city, including drunk driving cases.

There are a number of popular restaurants and bars in the Southbay and DUI arrests in this area are very common, particularly at the weekend and during holiday periods. A lot of resources are committed to law enforcement in this area with the primary focus on the prevention of DUI's. Hermosa Beach is currently encouraging citizens to report DUI drivers to the Hermosa Beach Police Department and is advertising increased fines during the holiday period.

Sobriety checkpoints are common in this area and are considered lawful by the Courts so long as certain constitutional guidelines are followed. If the police believe you have been drinking following a traffic stop at a sobriety checkpoint it is legitimate for them to require you to exit your vehicle for field sobriety tests even though no bad driving was witnessed. If you are arrested following a checkpoint stop, you need to consult with a Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney familiar with Southbay Superior Court who has an understanding of how the constitutional guidelines for the operation of checkpoints work and how to take the appropriate steps to establish whether the checkpoint followed the rules. If the checkpoint did not follow the correct guidelines, it is possible to file a Motion in Court to argue for the dismissal of DUI charges.

Politics in Southbay Court are different from other courts in Los Angeles County as DUI cases can be prosecuted by various agencies, including the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office, Manhattan Beach City Prosecutors Office, Hermosa Beach City Prosecutors Office, or Redondo Beach City Prosecutors Office. This depends on where you are arrested and by which arresting agency.

DUI lawyers who have experience defending DUI'S in the Southbay will be aware of the different policies within these agencies and the personalities of individual Prosecutors. This awareness is essential to DUI Defense strategy. Gold & Witham, dedicate their practice to defending DUI's and have many years of experience in representing clients charged with drunk driving in the Southbay. Call them for a free consultation at (800) 716-6791.


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