The Best DUI Lawyers in Los Angeles

What does that mean, "the best DUI lawyers in Los Angeles"? They "win" every case? Well, statistically, most DUI cases do not go to trial, but are in fact settled through a negotiated plea, so "winning" is a misleadingly rare concern. They "kick butt and take names"? Your "Big Bazooka DUI" types from the radio ads imply that beligerently threatening a prosecutor with trial will intimidate him into giving you that dismissal you want. But think about it: whereelse in your life does telling a guy to "go to hell" motivate his cutting you a break? Truth be told, most DUI defense lawyers are only concerned with the limited results in you current case, not changing the path to, nor the character of, your hopefully arrest-free future.

But your future is important, and being built right now: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the powerful, political anti-DUI lobby, has statistics showing that a third of those convicted of a first time DUI overwhelmingly go on to repeat the offense within 7 to 10 years, and at significantly greater penalties. So success in handling your DUI, now, should include educating yourself out of any prospect of recidivism, in future.

At Gold & Witham, we don't just want to "get you off" -- we want to get you better. A better result, legally (reductions and dismissal of charges and penalties), a better result emotionally (being personally hand-held through all the taxing terms, conditions and requirements of settlement and probation) and a better result philosophically (your first time arrest may be just the right time to soul-search your use of alcohol at times of stress -- or even at celebration). Our firm will help you prepare for life after a dui conviction -- the short-term responsibilities, the temporary personal discomforts and the long termlife-style gains and opportunities.

So. The "best lawyers in DUI"? Oh, that's right. The ones that get you peace of mind...


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