THE DUI Rumor Mill

At an arraignment today at the Fullerton Superior Court, I spoke with an attorney who worriedly announced, "I heard through the grapevine, Orange County is going to be consolidating all arraignments into one new court to be located at the Santa Ana Central Jail." This would prospectively lead to mass arraignments, eliminating defense counsels' ability to individually negotiate early dispositions to their clients' benefit -- prosecutors would just not have the time to discuss and bargain on a case-by-case basis.

A month ago the public heard of a new appellate case, McLean, which was rumored to be the end of the reliability of the California officer-administered breath test.

Last year we heard that the legislature was considering imposing the expensive, embarrasing and draconian ignition interlock breath testing device in the cars of every first offender DUI.

"Next stop for California -- the drop from an .08 to an .06 percent blood alcohol legal threshold."  Or: "Every DUI will now have his picture printed in local newspapers after conviction."  And:  "Orange County will soon use its new post-conviction-accumulated "DNA data base" to falsely accuse and prosecute for new crimes those convicted of simple DUI!" 

With thousands of arrests, injuries and deaths attributed to DUI in California, annually, it makes sense the State and its citizens are nervous, if not a bit paranoid, about the dangers and punishmentsof drinking drivers, and the zealousness of those prosecuting them. To separate the facts from the rumors you need facts, not fear.  The kind of facts, not fallacies, you can only secure from an experienced California drunk driving attorney.  Not your friends, nor their "experiences" in Court.  Not the newspapers or radio ads with their biases or Big Bazooka DUI Blathers.  Calm, strategic, creative DUI defense attorneys.  You've been arrested for DUI?  You want peace of mind?  It's not to be found in the DUI Rumor Mill.

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