Sobriety Checkpoints

The California Highway Patrol will be ramping up it's efforts to arrest drunk drivers as a result of a $5.9 million grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. The money is ear-marked for an increase in the number of DUI checkpoints and DUI patrols. It will be distributed throughout the State and will essentially pay for the overtime of Officers engaged in the programs.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly aware of the number of DUI related traffic accidents and the need to keep drunk drivers of the roads. In 2007, 1,489 people were killed as a result of alcohol related accidents, and another 30,000 people were injured.

Prosecutors and Judges in California Courts are increasingly elected and promoted based on how they deal with DUI Offenders. There is an enormous amount of public pressure to deal with DUI Offenders harshly. Penalties increase every year. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers monitor the performance of judges and the penalties that are handed out.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Orange County or Los Angeles, you will be dealing with a Court system that is very aware of the number of people injured or killed by drunk drivers. Even though most DUI offenders do not cause traffic accidents, Prosecutors and Judges treat defendants on the basis of what could have happened, particularly if there is a high blood alcohol reading or dangerous driving alleged.

DUI defense lawyers, Nigel Witham and Jeffrey Gold are experienced in the politics of DUI defense and know how to address the Courts concerns. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles or Orange County and you want the Court to treat you differently, you need an experienced attorney who can present the facts of your case and your personal circumstances to the Court to justify a lenient disposition.


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