Pilots and DUI

According to an article in the latest issue of the Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin, the FAA has tightened up its rules relating to pilots convicted of a first time DUI. In the past, pilots convicted of a first offense often escaped the scrutiny of the FAA. Under the new rules, anyone with a blood alcohol level of .15% or above, or who refused to submit to a chemical test, will automatically have their case referred by the AME to the FAA. The FAA medics will then insist that the pilot applicant undergo a substance abuse assessment. Previously, on a first offense, the AMEs had to review court records and make a determination on whether the applicant had a problem. There is also a requirement that any such offense be reported within sixty days of the arrest. Failure to do so results in an immediate suspension.

Penalties for DUI in California increase every year. In addition to court and DMV penalties, the most punitive sanction may come from a persons professional body or employer.

Los Angeles DUI lawyers, Jeffrey Gold and Nigel Witham have successfully represented many clients charged with DUI when their careers were at stake, including doctors, teachers, lawyers and pilots. In these cases it becomes more important than ever to retain a los angeles dui attorney with many years of experience in this specialized field of law.

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