Wet Reckless

A common question raised by new clients arrested for a DUI in California is "What is a wet reckless and can I get one instead of a DUI?" A plea to a charge of reckless driving is sometimes accepted by prosecutors in return for a dismissal of DUI charges by way of a negotiated plea bargain. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor in California and may be considered "wet" or "dry". A wet reckless is an alcohol or drug related reckless driving. A dry reckless is non-alcohol or drug related. The primary difference between a wet and a dry reckless is that a wet reckless is still priorable, so that a subsequent conviction for DUI within ten years would result is second offender penalties. A dry reckless is not priorable.

Penalties for a wet reckless typically incude two or three years of informal probation, a fine of approximately $250 plus penalty assessments and a twelve hour alcohol education program. The conviction carries two penalty points but does not carry a mandatory license suspension as does a DUI conviction. A dry reckless does not normally carry the requirement to attend an alcohol education program.

A reduction in charges from DUI to reckless driving is often considered due to a low or moderate blood or breath alcohol level or because of some other defect or problem with the evidence in the case.

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